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What is a Care Plan? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for high-quality consistent care for your loved one, one thing you should get yourself familiar with is a care plan. In health and social care, having a care plan is vital to ensuring you or your loved one are receiving care of the right kind, specific to your medical condition and needs. Each care plan will be reviewed and aligned with their assessed needs, personal preferences, and unique requirements. 

In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of care plans, what to expect when creating a health care plan with your health and social care provider, and why care plans are so important. If you think your family member might benefit from at-home care and support plans, contact a friendly member of the myCare team today. 

What is a Care Plan?

The first question on people’s minds when they take their first steps to get additional support… what is a care plan? A care plan is essentially a recipe of care and support that documents everything your care team needs to know to provide you with the right support and to meet your personal outcomes. Some of the details your care plan would include are: 

  • The outcomes you wish to achieve – the care plan is modelled around this 
  • The type of support and care you need based on an initial assessment 
  • How and when support will be provided 
  • A breakdown of the cost of services 
  • How much of your care will be funded by the council? 
  • The outcomes you expect from care 
  • Your personal preferences and goals 
  • What’s important to you, your friends, and family 
  • A record of all care provided 
  • Contact information if you have questions about your care 

Your care plan is tailored around your outcomes, to your individual health and needs and wishes, and can be changed at any point as your needs may change. Care plans are first and foremost designed to help you receive the best possible care to suit you, stay as independent as possible, and continue to do the things you enjoy most in life. 

Who are care plans for?

Care plans are created for anyone in need of additional support and care. A care plan isn’t just limited to at-home care, they are used widely in the care industry to help people receive focused, personalised care to keep a record of their needs. 

Why are care plans important?

A detailed care plan ensures that you receive the same level of care no matter who is there to provide it. This means if your regular carer isn’t available, or ill, then an alternative carer has access to all the relevant information they need to provide the right level of care with minimal disruption to your regular routine.

Not only that but a care plan can help you and your family gain a better insight into your health condition and help you understand what your personal needs may be, so you can continue to live as independently as possible.

So, why are care plans important? One of the biggest benefits of a care plan is that it gives you more control over your care. Being involved in care planning process allows you and your care team to build support around the things that matter most to you. 

For example, if you value companionship, your care team will find the best way to support you in social activities. Your care plan will act as a guide to helping you live the life you want to live.

How do you get a care plan?

The first step to getting a care plan in place is to get in touch with your local council’s social services, or your GP. Some of the local myCare partnerships you can reach out to include: 

Once you reach out, they will help you to assess your needs by discussing the problems you face on a regular basis. This can involve anything from mobility equipment and changes to your home to practical support for a carer or moving to a care home. After your needs have been discussed the council will write up your initial care plan which will be readily accessible for you, your chosen family members or friends, and any future care providers.  

Flexible care plans with myCare?

myCare takes a flexible approach when it comes to at-home support. Our client-focused values mean that those in our care have the freedom to receive home care and support in a way that suits them best up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our compassionate team are specially trained to facilitate your unique daily routine to help you live independently and comfortably in your own home, no matter your abilities.

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