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Disability Home Care

Care at home that empowers and nurtures.

Home Care

Care at home that
empowers and nurtures.
Physical and Learning Disability Care At Home

Learning Disability
Care Services

myCare’s focus is to encourage and enable adults with a learning disability to live their desired life as best as possible. We assess limitations and restrictions and establish a care plan that provides support for specific goals, desired outcomes and growth, and assistance undertaking activities of daily living safely and as independently as possible. We also involve nominated family and friends to create a well-rounded support system.

About Learning
Disability Care

Many people who require extra assistance have a learning disability. This may involve altered intellectual or physical ability and function, socialisation difficulties, emotional concerns, or other features of a variety of disorders and medical conditions.

For some people, this can mean that help is needed to increase safety, productivity, and quality of life. Care services can support people with learning disabilities while giving them as much independence and control as possible and to remain living at home.

Care At Home By myCare

Personalised Care

Everyone has different needs and dreams. We work with our clients and their loved ones to establish the most suitable plan, and regularly assess and update to facilitate satisfaction and growth.

Flexible Options

We can provide at home disability care services that work well for each situation. This may involve occasional or regular visits, or a live-in care worker for 24-hour care – whatever the requirement, we can identify and facilitate the best course of action possible.

Financial Assistance

There are options for funding at home care depending on your situation and eligibility.

Practical Support

Care workers can assist with tasks such as housework, paperwork, and transport to appointments and social events.

Activities Of Daily Living

Our care workers will provide help with day to day needs such as showering, toileting, dressing, and meal preparation.

Chat To Us

We are happy to discuss specific needs and goals and find the most suitable options possible.

Your Frequently Asked
Questions Answered

Learning disabilities can incorporate a vast array of features and conditions and can cause some difficulties to varying extents. This may impact physical, intellectual, social, or emotional aspects of life.

At home care allows people who require extra assistance to stay living in their home in a safe and fulfilling manner.

The myCare team can provide varying levels of care at the regularity that suits you and your circumstances. This can include a vast array of services and options to cater for specific needs.

Why Choose myCare?

There are many ways myCare can assist you and your loved ones with experienced and well-established care.

Proficient And
Compassionate Care Workers

Our staff are knowledgeable of learning disabilities and understand how to support people with a variety of needs.

Friendly Team

We are locals and know the area, so we can assist our clients as they go about their daily lives as part of our community.

Expand Horizons

Limitations do not mean that growth and fulfillment are out of reach. Our team is devoted to helping our clients reach their goals and live the life they deserve.

What Our Clients Say

Contact myCare Today

Having a learning disability can impact a person’s day-to-day activities and function. Learning disability home care means that each person can experience a full and enjoyable life without entering a residential care facility.

Call to discuss with us the specific requirements and options available and we can create a relevant care plan.

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