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Dementia Care
At Home

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Personalised Dementia Care

Dementia Care

The current rates of dementia in the United Kingdom mean that most of us know or know of someone who has this medical condition. At myCare, we understand the challenges that are often inherent with people living with dementia or supporting someone with this condition.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality, person-centred care to both our clients and their families. We develop a tailor-made plan so that everyone involved can feel as supported and comfortable as possible.

Dementia Care

Providing care for someone with dementia requires the unique aspects of this disease to be understood and managed appropriately. There are physical, psychological, and emotional factors that are often best tended to by a trained and experienced care worker.

Dementia can impact every aspect of someone’s life. Some issues that can develop include:

  • A decreased ability to focus, concentrate, and solve problems.
  • Making inappropriate or unsafe decisions and choices.
  • Reduced capability to undertake daily tasks such as household maintenance and chores, personal care, and driving.
  • An alteration to personality, behaviour, and temperament.
  • A deterioration of physical health.
At myCare, our team receives specific and ongoing training to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge so that they are proficient in providing relevant and suitable care.

Why Is Dementia Care
At Home Important?

Receiving at home dementia care allows the person with the condition to continue living at home while retaining their safety, productivity, and quality of life to as high a standard as possible. It can also reduce family and friends’ stress and provide them with breaks and assistance.

Dementia Care At Home By myCare

Daily Living Support

We can provide help with daily activities such as personal care and household tasks.

Getting Out Of
The House

Our team can facilitate activities such as meeting up with friends, having a haircut, taking a walk, or going shopping.

Personal Care

Support with requirements such as showering, dressing, and eating can be provided.

Practical Help

Many aspects of maintaining a household can become difficult with dementia. Our team can assist with chores and errands such as organising bills and sourcing gardeners.

Managing Medicine

Our care workers can assist with such aspects of medical care as filling prescriptions and providing reminders for medications.

Respite For Carers

Caring for someone with dementia can be full time, challenging, and physically and emotionally exhausting. At home dementia care allows loved ones to take breaks.

myCare is Registered With Dementia Friends Scotland

We’re registered with Dementia Friends Scotland.

We are registered with Dementia Friends Scotland, an Alzheimer’s Scotland initiative to raise dementia awareness in Scotland.

Benefits Of Receiving Dementia Care

Living with dementia or caring for someone with the condition can be an emotional and challenging time. Receiving high-quality care at home enables everyone to feel confident the person with dementia is as safe and content as possible. The benefits of having an at home dementia care professionals can include:
  • Increased independence, safety, and productivity.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Companionship.
  • Family support.
  • Less time in hospital or residential care facilities.
  • Peace of mind.
FAQs Dementia Care at Home

Your Frequently Asked
Questions Answered

Dementia is the progressive degeneration of the brain, which can lead to memory issues, altered personality and behaviour, impaired reasoning, and a decline in physical health.

The symptoms of dementia and the way the condition manifests differ from person to person. Memory loss, impaired judgment and awareness, and reduced social skills are some of the most common features of dementia.

The two terms are often used interchangeably, however, they are different.

Dementia is an umbrella term for the decline in mental ability. There are different types and causes behind this degenerative condition.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common reason for dementia. This specific form initially affects the brain areas associated with learning, which results in changes to memory, reasoning, and thinking.

Anyone in Scotland receiving a diagnosis of dementia is entitled to support from a dementia link worker.

The myCare team can provide care for people who are deemed medically able to safely remain at home. If it becomes evident that hospital or residential care is required, we can support the transition.

The myCare team can provide care as frequently as required at any time of any day. This can be maintained for as long as required.

Some services we can provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Preparing meals and assistance with eating.
  • Shopping, collecting medications, and similar errands.
  • Light household cleaning.
  • Assistance with washing, ironing, laundry, and linen.
  • Helping with daily personal care activities like getting dressed, washing, going to the toilet.
  • Care and support so that family members can have regular breaks.

Why Choose myCare?

The myCare team is dedicated to providing care that maintains the highest quality of life possible for people with dementia. To get more information on this you can call the 24 hour Dementia helpline UK free on 0808 808 3000 at any time

This extends to supporting their families and friends.

Dementia Care

Our care workers are trained to provide care relevant to the specific needs of people with dementia.

Flexible Options

Our personalised plans allow us to cater for a wide array of needs and goals.

Proficient Care

The myCare team receives frequent updates and assessments to ensure proficiency and reliability.

What Our Clients Say

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Living with dementia or caring for a loved one with the condition can be challenging, isolating, and exhausting. Having at home care can allow for a more independent, safe, fulfilling, and productive life. It can also provide assurance to the people around the person with dementia that they are being taken care of well.

Call us to talk about the options available and how we can support you.

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