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Our Trusted Local Health and Social Care Partnerships

As a care provider, the community your choose to surround yourself with plays a huge part in the quality of care you offer. Building local health partnerships are a great way to grow your resources, expand and share up-to-date knowledge, and make more invaluable tools available for your team and the people in your care.   

The care industry is a compassionate and connected one. We all share the same values of helping others in need, which is why making meaningful connections is so important to ensure we reach the people who need us most.  

In this article, you’ll learn about myCare’s local health partnerships with the NHS trusts who help us deliver the best quality at-home care and support to the northeast Scotland community. If you think your family member might benefit from at-home care and support, contact a friendly member of the myCare team today. 

Why does myCare form local health partnerships?

At myCare we strive to continually improve our home care practices as new technology and information become available to us. Creating local health partnerships with NHS trust organisations allows us to stay up to date with our practices and find new ways to provide the best quality care possible for our community.  

Our partnerships help us to work closely with the local community to create and provide resources to help people and their families understand what opportunities and support are available to them and help us to expand our reach to help more families across Scotland. 

Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership

The Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) aim to support adults with high-quality person-centred care to foster independence and improve their wellbeing in their community. AHSCP share many values with myCare, putting the focus on the individual’s unique wants and needs.

myCare formed this local health partnership with AHSCP to create a better all-around care service for vulnerable adults, working closely with this partner to ensure the correct information is shared to provide the best care possible and streamline the process to help our clients receive the right care as quickly as possible.

Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership

The Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership work with the services within the local community to help ill or vulnerable people avoid unnecessary stays in hospitals or care homes and receive tailored care to remain as independent as possible at home.

Our goal at myCare is to offer a range of speciality and home care support services to the community, working alongside Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership to allow people to receive up-to-date quality at-home care so vulnerable people can continue to enjoy life at home, doing the things they love.

Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership

The Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership aim to streamline the response to the needs of the vulnerable or disabled within their local community, helping individuals manage their illnesses, care needs and conditions quickly and simply.

Our relationship with Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership has allowed the NHS and myCare to put people back at the forefront of decision-making for their care by unifying budgets and making information more readily available to our team so we can provide client-focused care. 

Angus Health & Social Care Partnership

The Angus Health & Social Care Partnership works with communities focusing on prevention and enablement to help people live independently through a connected support system all working together with the shared goal to provide cohesive care. Their goal is to find creative solutions to adult health and social care using digital technology and out plans.

myCare formed this partnership to help the local community find ways to improve their wellbeing and help them stay informed about their health. myCare and the Angus Health & Social Care Partnership work in tandem to provide fast, high-quality care services that help people achieve independence and good wellbeing. 

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